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KNOCKS  X SOUR PATCH LITTER: Puppies are 14 weeks old! 2 females still available! 

Welcome to Virginia Iron Pitbulls, we appreciate you taking the time to
stop by and take a look at what we have going on. We are a small family
based kennel out of Hampton Roads, Virginia. I am prior Navy and my husband is Active Duty.

Our dogs are very well socialized, not only with
other dogs, but with children around the neighborhood also. In our
program there are a lot of things to consider, not only when choosing a
puppy for you, but for the studs that I choose as well. A lot of people
see "Blue nose" and "Red nose". People need to understand that it is
just a color, it is ok breed them together. I do not breed specifically one
color. I breed to produce beautiful dogs that are great family pets as
well as show quality and breed quality dogs. I have a huge selections of
bloodlines from the standard Razors Edge to the XXL Gangis Kon and each
plays a specific role in what we would like to accomplish. Each breeding
is specifically lined up for certain traits that we know the stud passes
on and that will compliment our female as well. We do not simply breed
to "see what they can do", we have a goal in mind on what we would like
to create.

Here at VIP, we breed for structure, muscle, temperment and above all
health. Our goal is to allow anyone who has a passion not only for

dogs, but specifically pitbulls, the opportunity to own one and pass
along the positive outlook that we have for them to everyone else.

All of our dogs are either UKC or ADBA registered. We are currently in
the process of getting all of our dogs DNA Profiled. We like to pride
ourselves on honesty and integrity. We get our dogs DNA profiled so if
there is ever any type of question on who the stud is, the DNA from the
pup can be taken and verified. The reason we do this is because some
kennels do not and mistakes have been made and people spent a
lot of money on a breeding to find out that the Sire was not who they
thought it was.

We sell our puppy's on a pick basis. 1st pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick and so
on. This does not always mean that this was the 1st born, 2nd born and
so on, the order can change. We will put them in size order at the age
of 4 weeks. We do DEPOSIT REFUNDS under certain conditions. If your
puppy was not born you are entitled to a FULL REFUND, none of this "you
have to transfer your deposit to another litter" stuff that other
kennels do as a scheme to keep the money. At VIP, we firmly believe that
you should get what you pay for, if you wanted a puppy from another
litter, you would have put a deposit on that litter. Also keep in
mind that you are not paying for the color of a puppy, you are paying
for the pedigree behind it. If you want a blue dog, I will do everything I
can to ensure you get what you want, but again the pups are on a
pick basis. If you pay for 3rd pick and the person who paid for 2nd pick
chooses the dog you want, there is nothing I can do. If you
have 1st pick male, you can pick ANY of the males that you want and no
one else can make their pick until you do. So if you want a chance to get
exactly what you are looking for, it will probably cost you a little more
money. QUALITY IS PRICELESS. I also ask that you send us pictures of
your back yard or park close by to ensure that the dogs are going to get
adequate exercise and not be locked up in a crate all day. This breed has
a ton of energy and should get daily exercise.

Anyone is more than welcome to come down to the VIP camp anytime you
would like to see the dogs in person. Whether you are purchasing a puppy
from me or not, I am more than happy to have you over. We do not condone
dog fighting or any other name you may want to call it. It is inhumane
and will not be accepted EVER.

Once again Virginia Iron Pitbulls thanks you for the time you spent
getting to know us, understanding where we come from and
what we stand for. If you have any questions feel free to contact via
phone or email. Both of those contacts are posted on the Contact Page.
Have a great day!
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